Slice of Paradise - Koh Phangan

We kinda dropped the ball on writing our newsletter - whoops!  It’s been a while and there is A LOT to catch up on - we’ll do our best to write more regularly and give you an inside look at our adventures going forward.

The last part of our journey that we wrote about was India and... that was in September (sorry!).  Since then we’ve been to Thailand, Hong Kong, Outer Banks, NYC, Philadelphia, Panama, Outer Banks (again), Los Angeles and back to the East Coast.  Then we headed back to Southeast Asia and spent a week with Danielle’s sister Karissa in the Philippines before settling back in Bali (where we’ve been for ~a week).  

We left India excited for the beaches and crystal blue waters of Thailand and SO full from all of the garlic naan (for anyone that is interested, here are the front runners for our favorite garlic naan in India: Rishikesh: Chotiwala; New Delhi: United Coffee House).  Since we’re talking about food in India, we had the absolute BEST Indian meal at The Sitting Elephant in Rishikesh - you will not be disappointed.

We arrived in Koh Phangan, Thailand just in time for True: Nature, which is an amazing, high-vibe festival of yoga, movement, sound, ceremony and creative expression in the secluded tribay area of Haad Whynam, Had Thien and Had Yuan.  We stayed in a small beach bungalow with a fan and mosquito net - what more do you need when you are in paradise?!? Our days and nights were filled with amazing food, inspiring workshops and incredible musicians playing in the most beautiful beach & jungle backdrop.  True:Nature felt like a collision of two of our favorite worlds: Burning Man + Bali.  Whoa!

Some of our highlights from True:Nature:

  • Love-elution Cacao Ceremony by Ixchel: cacao & dancing on the beach, enough said.

  • 5Element Dance Activation by Malaika: Malaika’s energy is contagious! We started slow and worked up to a fiery frenzy.  We left this event feeling energized, inspired and truly free.

  • Tantra Heart Meditation by Kobi and Annamaria: AMAZING!  If you have an opportunity to work with Kobi & Annamaria - Do It!  

  • SoulFull Song and Fire Ceremony by Elah and AuSierra: Full disclosure, they are the reason that we found ourselves at True: Nature.  For any of our LA & NYC friends, they have events scheduled there in the next few months.  If you’re looking for a fun, energizing, uplifting alternative night out - check it out! [add link to]

After five days in paradise, we migrated to the other side of the island to a small town called Srithanu.  Within a day, we had a bungalow on the beach, a motorbike to get around and an office.  As a digital nomad, access to reliable internet is imperative.  After spending a few weeks in India with little or no access to reliable internet, it was such a relief to arrive at BeacHub a co-working space on the beach with some of the fastest internet speeds we’ve ever experienced.  Not only did they have amazing internet but the people and the views were also incredible.


And, best of all, our office was right next to Zen Beach, an area of the beach with amazing sunset views where local expats gather each night for food, music and dancing.  Our days quickly fell into an easy rhythm of work, seen beach and dinner with friends.  We built an incredible community in Koh Phangan.  Some that we just met one night on a beach and others that participated in a week long shamanic, tantric meditation workshop with us led by Kobi & Annamaria (seriously they are amazing!) at Wonderland Healing Center.  Our time in Koh Phangan ended a bit prematurely, with the threat of a monsoon and our actual departure already on the horizon - we decided to leave a few days early to check out Kuala Lumpur.  While we didn’t make it back to KP in November as we planned, we will definitely be back.  KP, this is not the end of our love story, we will be back soon ♥

We’ll try to get more regular with these updates and will write more about what we did in the past as well as what we’re doing in the present!